Kembara is a Malay word means travel and Musafir is derived from an Arabic word means traveller. The combination of Kembara Musafir words refer to ‘the travel of a traveller’.

The word of Musafir is also being used in Persian, Hindi, Urdu and even Malay.

This blog is run by me – Adrian Nandu, a former journalist with over seven years working experience in journalism.

I was trained by Daily Express back in 2007 in Kota Kinabalu to work as a print journalist before I was stationed in Keningau, Sabah as an outstation reporter.

In 2008, I was employed by another company based in Kuala Lumpur – Softbox Sdn. Bhd as an online journalist which required me to travel around Malaysia to cover stories.

For the whole year of 2009 is a year for freelancing for me.

While, in May 2010, I returned to work as a print journalist for The Borneo Post and its sister company, Utusan Borneo in Kota Kinabalu before I was assigned as an outstation reporter at Labuan Island.

I was working for the newspaper company until May 2016 before doing freelance work.

Basically, this blog of mine – kembaramusafir.com that I officially launched on July 3, 2018 is to share about travel-related stories, places and my thoughts.

Last but not least, I hope this blog will add value and give some benefits to my dear readers.

                                                                                                             Adrian N.