Hiking along the Chimney Trail in Labuan

January 23, 2019

It was in the morning of Saturday—November 24, last year, I did hiking activity with my wife; and with my 19-month-old daughter—along the Chimney Trail in Labuan Island heading to the edge of the cliff to watch the scenery around the place. It’s our first-time to hike in the trail.

It’s called as Chimney Trail, as the trailhead was located near Labuan Chimney, whilst the trail ended around the edge of the cliff.

Around the edge of cliff, there was a concrete structure, which was cylindrical in shape with a height of 3.5 meters and had a cone-shaped roof—the locals called it as gedung ubat (ammunition store), as it was believed to be a storage place for explosives and artillery bullets used by the Japanese soldiers during World War II.  

On the previous day, we did plan to hike to the historical place early in the morning just before the sunrise; but we reached at the place around 7am.

We parked our car near the trailhead. Then, three of us started our hiking by encountering first small obstacle around the trailhead—there was some stagnant water on the trail and the soil was wet—probably there was a small stream around the place. While, carrying my daughter on my shoulder, I and my wife had to carefully cross the stagnant water by carefully stepping on harder soils around the place.

In about 20 to 25 minutes, we finally arrived at the ammunition store. The trail was great with beautiful scenery along the way. We hiked along the cliff based on the trail where you were actually ascending a hill, then descending it later. The ammunition store was located at the down of the hill.

I took time to snap some photos around the ammunition store and when I came inside the concrete store, it was only soil and some plants on its ground; yet the store containing some historical values, which remained in some of the locals’ memories about the war that once took place in Labuan over 70 years ago.

The doorway of the store was overlooking the sea and its wall was made of thick bricks, which made it solid with some small holes for ventilation.

Meanwhile, at the edge of the cliff—the view of the vast sea was breathtaking. But, you had to be extra careful when you were at the edge of the cliff, as it was risky when you cross the line—there were some rope fences installed at several points of the cliff as barriers.

We did spent around 15 to 20 minutes around the edge of the cliff to observe the view around it and then resting at the benches made for the visitors.

After resting, we then headed back to our car by hiking on another route near the foothill. Actually, you could hike by using this route to reach the ammunition store, but it was less adventure and fun, as you would not ascending and descending a hill; and you would not hiking along the cliff.

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