A brief worthwhile visit to Kundasang – always plan ahead

October 24, 2018

After some discussions with my wife where to visit during our trip to my hometown at Tambunan in July this year, then, the idea to visit Kundasang came into our mind on our way back to Tambunan.

First, we planned to reach Tambunan via Ranau road after visiting Kundasang, then spent a day in Tambunan before visiting Tenom on the next day.

By the way, we have to drop our plan to visit Tenom this time, as we want to focus in Kundasang and spend more of our time in Tambunan.

So there you go. We hit the road on Saturday after reaching Menumbok from Labuan Island around 8 am that day.

Earlier, we rode by roro ferry with our vehicle for the 6 am departure. The ferry was started to move heading to Menumbok past 6 am. The journey on ferry was around two hours. But, it sometimes could be shorter than that, as during our return on the next Wednesday to the island, the sea journey was around one and a half hours.

While we were packing all our stuffs for three of us (me, my wife and our daughter), we were also preparing some food supplies so that we needed not to stop and buy foods along the way, which would waste our time as we planned to stop only once in Kota Kinabalu to reach Kundasang earlier.

By the way, due to the sleepless at night, I had to stop our vehicle at a petrol station at Papar for me to take a nap.

We reached at Kota Kinabalu before or around noon. We did spend our time in the city around one or two hours.

After settling our things in Kota Kinabalu, then we continued our journey to Kundasang.

By the way we were trapped in a traffic jam around Inanam, Menggatal and Telipok. The day was hot in Kota Kinabalu and we could not wait to reach Kundasang which was lower in temperature and cool too.

We reached Pekan Nabalu (Nabalu Town) in about 4 pm where we stopped by at the town to rest for a while and buy some fruits.

I did take some photos around the place which was crowded with tourists both locals and foreigners. The business was good in the small town I thought. They were selling fast of their locally made products including foods, souvenirs and others.

After, a brief stop at Pekan Nabalu, we continued our journey to visit the small strawberry farm located inside the Strawberry Garden Hotel. We spent sometime in the hilly farm.

Only some of the plants borne their fruits and fortunately we managed to buy a pack of the strawberry fruits sold at the counter of the restaurant located at the ground floor of the hotel.

That was our second visit to the farm where we did visit the farm earlier in the end of year 2017.

After the whole day journey all the way from Labuan, we finally reached Kundasang Town around 5 pm that day.

We needed to treat ourselves at a restaurant located at a hilly side next to the main road of Kundasang-Sandakan.

There are some good restaurants in Kundasang, but we choose to eat at the restaurant because of the BBQ chicken wings sold next to the restaurant, as they are scrumptious and delicious.

The highlight of our trip to Kundasang is the visit to Desa Cattle Dairy Farm. But, we planned to visit the place on the next day – early in the morning as we need to spend much of our time at there.

At night, we slept in our car at Petronas Station around the town of Ranau in about 15 to 20-minute drive from Kundasang Town. We were budget travellers and it saved our money to stay in our car, as we intended to explore Kundasang before going home to Tambunan at the next day.

We bought some boiled water from the restaurant to be put in our thermos to prepare milk for our daughter at night who was one and three months old then.

Before the dawn came, we decided to go back to Kundasang and reached its masjid while the sound of azan or call of prayer could be heard when we were reaching the masjid.

After the subuh prayer, we decided to rest for a while inside our car before having our breakfast at the Kundasang Town.

With the coolness of the morning where the town was surrounded by mist, it was great to have our hot drinks with hot banana fritters and some other fritters.

Then, came our highlight to visit the Desa Cattle Dairy Farm – from the town we descended the steep road towards Mesilau area where the farm was located.

Two tickets for adult – me and my wife, whilst our daughter was exempted as shen was less than two years old. The price for both tickets was less than RM10.

We were excited to visit the place once again as it was our third visit. Our first visit when we were just got married – for our daughter it was her second visit.

I joked with my wife that we were visiting her ‘friends’ once again (the cattles and goats) and she responded with the same joke to me. We took some photos and bought the products of the farm – the yogurt and milk.

We were fortunate in our third visit as the goat milk sold in bottles were still available, but not in our first and second visit where they were out of stock.   

After feeling satisfied with our visit to the farm. Then, we opted to visit another place – Sabah Tea Garden before we went home to my hometown.

The view in Sabah Tea Garden was much better than in our first visit with much more tea plants.

We did buy some tea products at the place and then left as we were trying to reach our earlier plan that we must leave for Tambunan around 3 pm, but we left around 3.30 pm that day. 

We did not want to reach Tambunan while it was already dark as the road connecting Ranau and Tambunan was not that good plus you shared the road with the trailers and there was a corner that was risky on the way to Tambunan.

With calculated risk yet unexpectedly, when we reached and just passed that corner, a trailer was also in about to reach the point.  

After passing the risky corner we spotted a stall at the roadside selling fresh vegetables – lettuce etc. We bought some vegetables especially the lettuce.

The stall was still located within Ranau district as I asked the seller about the location, as I myself unsure about where was the border separating the districts of Ranau and Tambunan.  

Then, we continued our journey till we reached Borneo Top Agriculture in Kampung Tiang, Tambunan. We reached the place before 5 pm where we made a brief visit inside the farm where a variety of plants including flowers, fruits and vegetables were grown.

Finally, we reached my mother’s house before 6 pm.

Our third visit to Kundasang was very satisfying and we learned that even though it was only a brief visit, but, you should always plan ahead before your visit so that it would be worthwhile.     

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