Visit Labuan Bird Park to release your stress

October 3, 2018

I have been to Labuan Bird Park for several times before this to watch some of the beautiful birds in the park.

I still remember, when my wife asked me to bring her to the place last time where I said “let’s go”.

It’s a good place to spend time together with my family, as I was a bit stressed then due to my work.

But, as soon as we entered into the park I began to enjoy the scenery inside the area.

I seemed to forget about my stress at the first place after I started to watch the bird species.

The birds like rubino eastern rosella, sun conure, common ostrich, hornbills and many more are available in the park.

They are simply amazing and they are Allah’s creatures that you can learn from.

Most of the species available in the park are of course Borneo’s birds those can be found from various habitats such as mangroves, coastal areas, forests and mountains.

You can finish your tour inside the bird park within 30 minutes to one hour.   

By the way, the park is located not far from Labuan Chimney at Tanjung Kubong in about 20-minute drive from the town of Labuan.

The entrance fee to the park are as follows:

@ Adult – RM3

@ Children (under six-years-old) – free

@ Students and senior citizens – RM2, and

@ Non-Malaysian tourist – RM5.

The park is opened for each day except on Friday.

After completing your tour, there is a food outlet inside the park where you can buy foods and drinks for your refreshments and also a gift shop to purchase some souvenirs.

For Muslims, there is a prayer room (surau) available. But, the ablution (wudhu’) place is located outside the prayer room which is not appropriate for Muslim women (Muslimah).

The Muslimah have to take their wudhu’ at the nearby toilet if they wanted to pray at there.

Perhaps, a better surau should be provided for the Muslims’ convenience especially those coming from outside Labuan, as the present surau is a single room.

However, it’s worth your time and money to visit Labuan Bird Park.

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