Scaling Mount Wakid to challenge yourself

August 29, 2018

I did climb Mount Wakid for several times where I did it for the first time back in year 1998.

I ascended the mount that stood at 1,372 meters together with my younger brother and our good friend who was our neighbour then.

The mount is located in Sunsuron, Tambunan in about an hour and half drive from Kota Kinabalu, the state capital of Sabah.

To climb it for the first time was so great and awe-inspiring as if you were at the top of the world where you enjoyed the vast landscape of the village from the high ground.

There was a sense of tranquillity when you were at the peak as you can see the whole village of Sunsuron in an aerial view including its main river, paddy field, hills, trees etc.

You even could enjoy the view of the neighbouring villages where all of them scattered around the valley of Tambunan.

After the first climb, I then went again in group with my schoolmates somewhere back in 2000 or 2001.

Then I preferred to climb it alone where I did it twice or thrice during in and after campus life – I just loved to challenge myself then.    

To climb it alone was a moment of solitude where I had more opportunity to reflect many things and events those happened in my life.

I believed that through my climbing, it did bring me to reflect some of the works of Allah on this planet through His creation.  

In every climb that I did, I never stayed for an overnight in the mountain. I would start my journey heading to the foot of the mountain to scale it early in the morning and I would descend back from the peak around three or four o’clock in the afternoon.

There was a waterfall at the foot of the mountain (not at the ground level) where you could bathe to cool down your body after the climb.

The water was cool indeed and refreshing as the stream was flowing passing through the roots of the trees in the forest where I guessed it contained some good elements to refresh your body.

Today, Mount Wakid has been recognised as one of the attractions in Tambunan by the state tourism board.

It has been just officially recognised after the earthquake in the Mount Kinabalu.

In the aftermath of the earthquake then, the Mount Kinabalu had been temporarily closed for climbers.

One of the mountain guides who worked at Mount Kinabalu had to find another alternative where to bring his climbers.

He who hailed from Sunsuron initiated to get Mount Wakid to be recognised by the state tourism board where he successfully did it.

Until today, Mount Wakid was constantly visited by the climbers both locals and foreigners those intending to scale the mountain.

If you interested to climb Mount Wakid I would recommend you to visit this page for your inquiry.

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