Masjid Biru: A must-visit for Islamic architecture in Labuan

August 21, 2018

Another attraction in terms of Islamic architecture and arts in Labuan Island is the Blue Masjid popularly known as Masjid Biru among the locals that is located at Kampung Lajau in about 13 minutes or 8.4 km drive from Labuan Town.  

The masjid is officially opened to the Muslim worshippers back in July 2013 where it is named Masjid Al Mahmudiyyah then, but still it is well-known as Masjid Biru due to its dominant colour – blue.

The colour will shine more and looked beautiful in the night magnified by the bright lights from the masjid building itself and from the lamps on the top of the wall, which surrounded the masjid.

Even the colour of the carpet inside the masjid is blue as well as its interior design dominated by the colour as its main colour especially at the front side of the masjid (mihrab).   

There is serenity inside the masjid with its splendid architecture.

The masjid’s official name is remained until it is officiated by Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Muhammad V on February 9 this year where it is later named Masjid Sultan Muhammad V.

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