Tanjung Purun Labuan in the afternoon

August 8, 2018

Another attractive place to visit in Labuan Island in the afternoon during weekends with your family and friends is the beach located to Labuan International Sea Sport Complex.

The beach is part of Tanjung Purun area along the coast. Several activities can be seen in the afternoon around the place.   

From the stalls selling foods and drinks to local sailing boat, zipline, quad bike and twin bike split are among those activities you can see in the beach. 

I did ask about the price to do the zipline activity and it is around RM20 (USD4.9) per person for one ‘action’ only. But, it priced around RM30 (USD7.36) if you want to do it twice.

Apart from the activities above, there are some other things happening around the spot. 

By the way, it is good to spend your time with your family strolling along the coast to enjoy the moment.

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