Strawberry in Tambunan?

July 21, 2018

It is in our recent visit or trip to my hometown back in Tambunan we decided to stop by at Borneo Top Agriculture located at Kampung Tiang in about 23 kilometres from the town of Tambunan.

Borneo Top Agriculture is a farm, which is farming a variety of types of flower, fruit and vegetable.

Earlier, we (I, my wife and daughter) spent for a night at Kundasang, Ranau.

Then, in our way to Tambunan from Ranau, we took the opportunity to find out what was inside the farm.

Even though, I am from Tambunan, but I never visited Borneo Top Agriculture.

It was through photos posted by my sister twice in our WhatsApp group that prompted me to ask her about the place which I thought was beautiful with all the flowers around them in the photos.

Only in this month, I have the opportunity to visit the place with my family.

We came into two compartments inside the farm, as only two of them were opened to the public.

Before I forget, the entrance fee to come inside the farm is free.

The first and second compartments are both housing flowers, fruits and other types of plants.

While, the rest of the compartments those housing various types of vegetable were closed for the public.

Briefly inside the first compartment we visited – the red, pink and white roses attracted our attention the most.

Meanwhile, the second one which was bigger in space, the flowers were much colourful, as more types of flower and plant were kept at the second one.

It was in the second compartment where the strawberries were planted in suspended containers and there were bonsai trees too.

The plants in the second compartment were more appealing as there was also some colorful cactus.  

The size of the strawberries were slightly bigger compared to the ones we bought at Strawberry Garden in Kundasang on the previous day before we headed to Tambunan.

I remembered that my sister did buy the strawberry in container for her to grow at our home in Tambunan.

I did ask her if it ever borne its fruits and she said ‘yes’.

If I am not mistaken the price per container of the strawberry is around RM20 (USD4.92). They are sold for you to grow them yourself at your home.

Tambunan is blessed with its cool temperature, but today it is not as cool as before probably due to the global warming phenomenon and other factors.

At night and early in the morning, the coolness of the air can be obviously felt and there will be time as if the cool temperature is unbearable especially in the middle of the night.

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