Masjid Sungai Labu, a must-see for Muslim travellers

June 27, 2018

The house of worship or Masjid Sungai Labu is a must-see building in Labuan Island especially for Muslim travellers for its simple yet beautiful architecture, which is located near the beach at the village of Sungai Labu.

Before, I proceed further, I would like to explain that I prefer to use the word of masjid instead of mosque to refer our house of worship, as it is sound more appropriate in my point of view.

In about 15 to 20 minute-drive from the town, you can reach the masjid via Layang-Layangan road.

Along the way to reach the place, you will be enthralled with the fascinating beach.

Actually, Masjid Sungai Labu is strategically located in the stretch of United Nation (UN) Beach of Labuan in about nine kilometres long from Batu Manikar to Sungai Miri.

The masjid was officially opened to the Muslim worshippers in September 3, 2010 (24 Ramadhan 1431H) where it was officiated by the then federal territories and urban well-being minister, Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin.

The view around the masjid is so breath-taking where the building is built facing towards the blue sea and sandy beach.

Another breath-taking element around the place is the breeze coming from the sea is soothing one’s soul.

Masjid Sungai Labu is supposed to be the newest masjid in Labuan Island, before another masjid is later being constructed at the village of Lajau three years later.

The new masjid is popularly known as Masjid Biru (Blue Masjid) and located around eight kilometres from the town where it is officially opened to the Muslim worshippers on July 2013.

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